Creative solutions with a twist

This is not just furniture, this is art. Art to be used and enjoyed throughout the rest of your life.

Beautiful to look at, convenient to use. Eat, work, play and enjoy.

Our Collections

Design furniture in mortex

Unique pieces where craftsmanship is a priority.

Design Lighting

Unique lighting to let your interior shine.

Limited edition

Occasionally limited editions will appear here.

These may include a new color or an exceptional new material or design, and objects produced and offered for a limited period or in strictly limited numbers.

Be the first to know when we launch a limited edition.


We use a specific Mortex technique. Different from what is commonly used.

By creating a deeper texture we ensure that the surface remains captivating to look at.

This method of placing is more complex than the standard Mortex technique and is shaped by the placer’s hand, creating unique pieces each time.

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