Maintenance for ultimate delight

Our designs are coated with Mortex. Mortex is durable, waterproof and perfectly washable.

In addition, you have the choice of various colors. Each color creates a specific atmosphere.

Mortex Ⓡ has as its basic composition cement, lime, and acrylate as a binder.

Colors are determined by adding natural pigments and are weighed minuscule.

Mortex is built up in 5 layers and operations and is finally very scratch & stain resistant by the finish in 3 layers of 2-component matte PU varnish.
Although a surface in Mortex should always be handled with some caution.

For example, it is recommended to remove stains from coffee, wines, fruit juices, spices, lemon juice and oils, among others, from the surface as soon as possible to prevent penetration.

Our furniture is only suitable for indoor use, it cannot be used outdoors under any circumstances.


If necessary, we offer retouching services by appointment. Please note that although we always strive for perfection, slight traces of retouching may remain visible.

Rest assured, we will make every effort to minimize visual effects. If you wish to have your mortex table retouched, we are ready to help you maintain its beautiful appearance.

Contact us today to make an appointment for professional retouching.

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